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2022 Conference FAQs

  • What are the conference's date, time and location details?
    The conference is to be held from 15 to 18 August at the National Convention Centre Canberra. It will commence at 4.00pm on Monday 15 August and conclude with lunch at 1.00pm on Thursday 18 August.
  • How do I register?
    Please register here. It will greatly assist the conference if bookings can be made as soon as possible. Registration will close on 30 June, 2022.
  • What are the conference registration fees?
    A conference fee of $495 per person covers all materials, meals (excluding breakfast) and refreshments during the course of the conference. We offer a discount of : $100 to attendees from the Dioceses of North Queensland, Northern Territory, Bunbury, North West Australia or Perth. $200 to international attendees $200 to theological and Bible college students. NB. Conference fees do not include accommodation. We are not able to offer day rates or other part time rate. We are thankful to the Canberra Convention Bureau that has provided a small grant to assist in meeting the costs of GAFCON Australasia conference.
  • Why are the fees higher than 2021?
    The costs have increased because we have moved from a Christian campsite with dormitory accommodation to a commercial conference centre. We did that for three main reasons. The campsite we had booked in 2021 was already at site capacity and unavailable for the dates we wanted in 2022. We received a lot of feedback that people wanted the option of choosing a better standard of accomodation. Most importantly though, the convention centre will enable us both grow in size and deliver a better experience. We recognise it is a significant investment of your time and money to give a week to gathering like this. Please do not allow costs to stop you coming. Financial assistance may be available to those in need - if you would like to give to or receive assistance please fill in that field in the booking form.
  • What are the conference's accommodation arrangements?
    Attendees will have the freedom to arrange their own accommodation. For those wishing to book hotel accommodation, GAFCON Australasia has entered into an arrangement with the Novotel Canberra (in the centre of the city). It has rooms (including breakfast) at: $159 a night for a single room $184 a night for a twin share or couple (i.e. $92 per person). Accommodation will be need to be booked separately to your conference registration (information about how to arrange that will be provided at the time of booking).
  • What interstate travel arrangements are in place?
    Attendees will have the freedom to make their own travel arrangements to Canberra. However, to help facilitate this, we have arranged for Olive Tree Travel to act as our conference air travel coordinator. It stands ready to make group bookings on flights to Canberra from around Australia, and even New Zealand. You can let us know if you are interested in their airfare packages at the time of registration.
  • What are the parking arrangements for the conference?
    All day parking will be available at the convention for a flat rate of $17.50 per day (8.30am-10.00pm). A daily fee of $27 will apply for parking at the Novotel. Please note that all other parking in the Canberra City Centre requires payment.
  • Is there transport between the airport to the city?
    For those flying into Canberra, we hope to provide a shuttle service from the airport to the city from approx 10.00am - 2.30pm on 15 August. To take advantage of the shuttle service please plan to arrive in Canberra no later than around 2.00pm that day.
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